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Food packaging is a delicate task from the inside out. Our thermoforming packaging machines are perfectly suited to assist you in this process. Precise design and manufacturing make the packages look beautiful. This is especially important when you use printed films.

Whether it is vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging, a very tight heat sealing is required and the products so packaged have a much longer shelf life. Filling with nitrogen or mixed gas can increase the color of the products inside the package too.

All of this places high expectations on our thermoforming packaging machines. We have always done a great job on making Thermoforming vacuum packaging machines and Thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machines. We will continue to do so and bring much higher-quality machines to you.

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Your Needs And Satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions

The multi-mold design allows one machine to meet the packaging needs of you with various sizes.

One or multi vacuum pumps to fully combine the capacity with the stability of the vacuum packaging machine.

Specially developed compact thermoforming packaging machine for you with small working space.

The unique one-piece punching knife installed on the modified atmosphere packaging machines can meet your individual packaging shape design requirements.

Quality Unsurpassed

In addition to the mold part using 6016 aviation alloy aluminum, other parts are selected as high-quality SUS30408 stainless steel.

All packaging machines are installed with imported Leybold vacuum pumps to make the vacuuming process stable and efficient.

Siemens electrical control system to ensure precise control of every step of thermoforming packaging machine operation.

The safety devices on the machine to prevent accidents. If the unfortunate happens, several emergency stop buttons to effectively avoid further hurt.

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