Packaging Film
Co-Extruded Film

Packaging Film
Co-Extruded Film

For thermoforming packaging, the choice of packaging film is very important.

As a professional thermoforming packaging machine manufacturer, we have deep cooperation with packaging film manufacturers.

The characteristics of the vacuum packaging machine in forming, heat sealing and cutting are fed back to the co-extruded film manufacturer, and together we make appropriate adjustments to the process during the manufacture of the film, ensuring a specific perfect appearance and good sealing performance when the final package is presented to the consumer.

Our Innovations

Co-Extruded Cast Film!

High Barrier Stretch Film

The use of high-barrier vacuum packaging film can block oxygen, inhibit the reproduction of aerobic bacteria in low-temperature environments, keep fresh for a longer time and protect the natural color of the product.
It can prevent the formation of ice crystals during refrigeration and prevent the surface of the product from drying out due to frost burns.

This film is made with a special formula and process, with excellent transparency, good stretchability and puncture resistance, perfect gas, water vapor, and aroma barrier properties. After food packaging, it has the dual effects of close-to-body three-dimensional tray display and vacuum preservation, which is effective Extend the shelf life and shelf life of products. Widely used for vacuum skin packaging of fresh vegetables, fish and shrimps, and fresh meat.

We also have medium-barrier films for you to choose from.

All of these packaging films can be customized to be either high or low temperature resistant as required.

Printing Film and Packaging Sheet

We customize printed packaging films to meet your needs and to help you improve your product presentation and increase the market competitiveness of your products.

We also have a wide range of packaging sheets for thermoforming modified packaging and vacuum skin packaging for you to choose from.

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