Thermoforming Modified Atmosphere packagigng machine

Thermoforming Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

The integrated punching knife is used to make it easier to customize tray shapes.
You can choose from square trays with rounded corners, round trays, triangular trays, special combination shapes tray, and other shaped trays.

Nitrogen or mixed gas is injected to make the products have a longer shelf life and keep the presentation of the product longer. To inject a gas mixture, a gas mixer is required.

Rigid bottom packaging film is used in thermoforming modified packaging machines making the thermoformed trays more beautiful.

An easy-peel is usually made on the package, providing consumers with the convenience of taking the food from the package. To have an easy-peel, a kind of packaging film with an easy-peel feature is required.

6061 aviation aluminum alloy and food-grade 30408 stainless steel are used in the manufacture of molds and completely modified atmosphere packaging machines to ensure the durability of the packaging machines and the safety for food.

The top and bottom packaging film devices are equipped with precise positioning, deflection, and braking parts to ensure film running accurately. When using printed film, an electrical eyespot detector is equipped to detect the eyespot to ensure accurate cutting.

Power cabinet: We use Siemens PLC, Schneider relays, Schneider circuit breakers, and other brand-name electrical components to ensure smooth and controllable operation of the packaging machine. 

Siemens touch screen, unique operating programs are written for each packaging machine according to customer needs.

Automatic waste film recycling device: The recycled waste film can be sold to recycling enterprises to realize the reuse of resources, thus saving costs while ensuring a tidy packaging production environment.

A ramp or conveyor discharge unit can be selected depending on the space available in the workshop or the requirements after packing.

Our Innovations

Thermoforming MAP Machine

Applicable Business Fields:

The modified atmosphere packaging is widely used in cooked meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, and other casual food or bread, pastries, and boxed meals, and other cooked food packaging, because of the original taste, color, shape, and nutrition of the food are better maintained while achieving a longer shelf life.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Benefits:

The benefits of modified atmosphere packaging for the storage and transport of food products include prolonged shelf life, improvement in the visual appeal of packed products, preservation of food nutrients, prolonged preservation of food freshness, elimination of chemical additives/preservatives, retention of original food flavors.

A Customized Packaging Machine:

We design single or replaceable multi-mold packaging machines to meet your packaging needs for single high capacity or flexible multi-size packaging. The multi-mold design is restrictive in terms of package size requirements.
We can also design compact machines or large expandable machines, depending on the size of your workshop.
In terms of production capacity, we also have low, medium, and high capacity packaging machines for you to choose from.
You tell us your packaging requirements, and Richards Machinery & Equipment will bring you a high-quality thermoforming vacuum packaging machine that matches what you need.

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